Email to SMS

Send email to SMS quickly and easily, no software to install, just send to our Email to SMS Gateway on the World Text SMSC and we'll do the rest.

Works with all common email software such as Outlook, Exchange and Mac Mail, but also web based email services like Gmail and Hotmail, along with services such as NHSmail.

Setup two-way SMS and replies are sent direct to your inbox!

Easy to use, quick to setup
Using your existing email program and service provider, no plug-ins required, it's as simple as sending an email... No need for specialist software, fast setup and integration with global coverage, full Two-way Email to SMS / SMS to Email Text Messaging possible by adding virtual numbers or short codes


Your chosen authentication method not only authorises the outgoing Email to SMS, but explicitly ties the message to an account, so you can have multiple users or departments with their own account/sub-account and ability monitor their own use and settings.

Domain - Allow entire domains to access i.e.

Email Address - Allow specific email addresses access i.e.

IP Address - Allow entire email server IP addresses access i.e. 123.456.789.1

Password - Include a specially formatted code in the subject line.

Email to Group

Create groups of contacts via Communicator Pro, send a single email to a single group email address to trigger SMS being sent to all group contacts.

Email to SMS


Control Email to SMS content and styles, includes options for programmatic overrides and substitutions.

Content - Optionally include the email address of the sender and, or the subject line.

Length - Set a maximum number of SMS parts, up to 9 parts (1,377 characters).

Overrides - Override the source address (aka sender ID) from the default setting, mainly used when sending programmatically.

Raw - Preserve the formatting of the original email to include spacing and line breaks in the SMS.

Source Address - Set the default source address (aka Sender ID) for the Email to SMS Gateway.

Substitutions - Include special fields in your email to indicate the start, end and current time, mainly used when sending programmatically to remove signatures etc.

Special Options

Unicode / UTF-8 - Email to SMS fully supported to allow non-GSM characters such as Chinese and other special characters including emoji.

Restrict Recipients - Only allow Email to SMS to numbers that are in your address book to avoid misuse.

Shared Two-Way

Allows the use of a dedicated virtual number by multiple users / departments, with text message replies automatically returned back to the original senders email address.

Reply paths are set for destination number and email address combinations, ensuring replies go back to the right person.


Allows any email address to send email to SMS to specific mobile numbers, maximum daily quota setting ensures no overuse. Ideal for email services where the sender / email address varies.


Optionally receive message receipts emailed to your chosen email address confirming that SMS have been sent and that SMS delivered, where supported.

Standard SMS Types Supported
Standard World Text feature

Long SMS

SMS longer than 160 characters (or 70 if unicode) are supported and sent as a single message automatically


Unicode SMS

Also known as UCS-2 encoding which include languages such as Arabic, Chinese and special characters / emoji

Developer SMTP API also available
Closely integrate with IT Systems, full SSL Email to SMS capable

Linux / UNIX

UNIX offers very powerful scripting features making it very simple to send a message manually or more usefully, automatically to the SMS gateway.

Web Page / PHP

If you want to send messages from your own web page, then this can be achieved simply in PHP by using the built in mail command.

If you require any further help then we have UNIX experts available who can provide consultancy to develop your own scripts or programs in most known languages including, bourne-shell, C, C++, Perl, PHP and Python.

Full SMTP API documents can be found here.

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