Emergency Service & Critical SMS
999 / 911, Search & Rescue and Disaster Recovery

World-Text has been delivering emergency service text messages for over 15 years. Via our simple, fast, field-proven HTTP REST API or SMPP with our ultra reliable platform users can launch emergency services, provide updates to respondents, team members or the public, and have two way text message interaction via SMS Virtual Numbers and other two way methods..


Easy APIs

Hook in to your back end systems with the easy to use HTTP REST API, giving flexibility and control.

Manage and maintain contact groups via API, giving fast reliable delivery to contact groups.

Integrate using email (SMPT) for backup or quick to deploy low volume use.

For industry standard, high volume, high throughput purposes the SMPP interface is also available.

Prioritised Premium Delivery

Only using Premium Grade and Tier 1 Direct network connections to deliver your SMS, giving you the reliability and confidence that your messages will be able to reach their intended recipient.

Emergency Services text messages are given priority over all others when being processed on the World Text SMSC, meaning even at periods of high demand your SMS will be immediately dispatched.

Being based and operated from the United Kingdom means your text messages are coming from a reliable and proven source. Pitfalls of using overseas suppliers not based in the UK often include message delays, non-delivery, no delivery receipts, spoofed delivery receipts, no sender ID and inferior support to name but a few.

SMSC Reliability

Using multi-location servers, with hot-swap and back-up servers constantly on standby we pride ourselves on delivering a service which can be relied on 24/7/365.

Services and servers are continually monitored with proactive testing, with on-call engineers this further provides a level of reliability unsurpassed.

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Hashed passwords, web security tests, military grade physical server security are just a few of the ways we protect your data. We keep other methods secret!

Worldwide Coverage

Extensive and unrivalled global two-way text message support, with high grade Tier 1 direct operator connections for maximum deliverability.

System Integration

Flexibile developer APIs using industry standards for ease of integration with backend systems. Can't see what you're looking for? Our in-house developers may be able to help!

Trusted by Rescue and Emergency Specialists



Long term users of World Text for text message delivery is SARCALL, started originally by the North Wales Mountain Rescue service, it has grown exponentially and now widely adopted as the call-out manager platform of choice by many mountain rescue and SaR services, utilised by the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Coastguard and Lifeboat services.

In combination with World Text, this has lead to an ultra reliable method of call-out management, utilising two way text messaging. Further information regarding setup for SARCALL.



D4H Technologies


A welcomed addition to be integrated with the World Text platform, D4H Technologies have been providing highly regarded information management software for emergencies and incidents worldwide for many years.

A new development of the World Text platform was to include email functionality, this was specifically driven by the D4H software which leverages both SMS and email.

Further information regarding D4H Technologies can be found on their website.

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