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The entirely custom architecture of our SMSC, which was fully developed in-house, lends itself to custom development which is not constrained. This leads to the World Text SMSC being at the forefront of SMS technology and preferred partner for many. Neil, World Text

Our SMSC & Team

The World Text SMSC is an entirely bespoke platform built from the ground up by our in-house development team, built to give exceptional reliability, redundancy, and blisteringly fast speed.

As we are not reliant on any third party software vendor, or running a white label SMSC, development of new services and additions to existing services can be rolled out quickly. We are also able upon request develop client specific custom services and functionality that run alongside our existing infrastructure, as such benefiting from the same reliability and redundancy.

Our Development Team consists of specialist telecommunication developers with many years of experience in this field. Thanks to this, again we are not reliant on any third party for specialist knowledge.

Got an idea for text messaging? Don't know if it's possible, or wouldn't know where to start if developing yourself? ...drop us an email, our in-house developers are waiting to get their teeth in to your ideas!

Some of our development work

Smart Tags

Include dynamic content in your outbound SMS using Smart Tags. Currently this allows for a {name} to be included, but further development will soon allow for any custom content to be uploaded to your group lists using Communicator Pro, and included in your Bulk SMS.

Time Zone

We know not all your recipients are in the same country, so by grouping your contacts by time zone, you'll be able to schedule a messages that are sent relative to where the recipient is, meaning your scheduled 9am messages to recipients in the UK don't arrive at 3am in the US!

Multi Users

Grant access to your account for other users using their own username and password. Control access by only giving users the ability to control specific functions relevant to their job role or function, and revoke access and any time.

Cloud SMSC

No need to buy, maintain and host your own SMSC or SMS Application Software, benefit from use the World Text SMSC, with the choice to use our routing for delivery or even your own existing connections and simply pay a small transaction fee per text.

Add text messaging and two-way text messaging into your business.

Over 1100+ networks worldwide.

Market leading coverage and specialist support, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP (Email) interfaces.

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