M2M SMS (Machine to Machine)

M2M communications can come in many forms, however one of the widest used methods is SMS and if not the primary method, makes for an ideal fail-over in the event of primary method not being available.


Binary - The message type you would use when sending 'rich data' and 8 bit.

Inbound & Two Way - We use Virtual Numbers and SIM Hosting for both of these services.

Concatenated - Concatenated SMS is used in order to override the minimum character settings in a standard SMS (usually 160 characters).


HTTP REST - Easy to use and integrate, great for custom applications.

SMPP - High throughput, high capacity industry standard interface.

SMTP / Email - Easy to integrate with existing email services.


Extended Message Expiry - Up to 7 day message validity period.

Low Latency - Quick delivery, with minimal processing time through our platform.

No GSM Modems - Commercial grade service, no reliance on a single operator or cell tower.


Delivery Receipts - When the message is delivered, a notification is sent back to the sender.

Optional Bespoke Parameters - API parameters, message settings and interfaces


Global Coverage (check out our coverage list)

Dedicated USA and Canada Service (read more)

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Time to market or to replace an existing non-performing service can be critical, using our extensive knowledge and global coverage for sending and receiving M2M SMS, means you'll be operational quickly and efficiently. Using dedicated and reliable routes for message delivery, with multiple redundancy for your critical messaging.

Please contact us to discuss your local and international M2M SMS requirements.

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