General Reference, Coverage & Codes

A guide to SMS and the law in the UK and other countries. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with all relevant local legislation, and this guide does not constitute professional legal advice.

Country code prefixes for routing to destination numbers correctly internationally. This must be specified when submitting messages to ensure correct SMS delivery.

Outbound SMS coverage listed by country and specific network. Some destinations may require special setup to deliver to.

List of the Hex, Decimal and ISO-8859-1 DEC for all GSM and Extended GSM characters.

A guide to SMS length in both GSM and Unicode (UTF-8) encoding, including a guide to concatenated SMS character count and message length.

A guide to SMS state codes and returned error codes. Error codes are a general guide only, and exact description can vary.

A short guide to getting SMS alerts from your Nagios installation setup to connect to the World Text SMSC.

A short guide to Messaging in North America: 10DLC, Toll-Free Numbers, and Short Codes.

Privacy Policy is described here, clients with contracts may have privacy policies which vary.

Terms of Service is described here, clients with contracts may have terms and conditions which vary.

Pricing SMS & Inbound SMS

SMS Short Codes for receiving inbound (MO) SMS via a 5-6 digit number. Ideal for opting-in and opting-out of marketing SMS.

Standard pre-pay pricing for outbound text messages to all destinations. Contact us for bulk SMS and invoiced accounts.

Standard pre-pay pricing for SMS Virtual Numbers (aka Long Numbers) for inbound (MO) text messaging and two-way SMS.

SMS Send / Receive SMS and HLR Lookup APIs

Libraries encapsulate the API calls so you don't need to be concerned directly with URLs, resources, API calls themselves or processing JSON responses.

Check the validity of a mobile number, mobile network it belongs to and current status for security vetting and cost reduction. Performed using HTTP calls.

The World Text Auto Responder can forward SMS to a URL specified by you, see here for documentation regarding the format of the inbound (MO) SMS.

The REST API can query a selection of resources, make groups, remove numbers from groups and send SMS text messages. Deprecated reference for HTTP API v1 here.

SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) protocol is available for high volume, high throughput applications and SMSC services.

Version 3.4 of the SMPP specification.

Minimal programming is necessary for use of our SMTP (email) API Interface allowing the user to send messages programmatically.

The SMTP (email) Bulk API allows users to send SMS messages with dynamic message content to multiple recipients with a single email. It can also be used for static content.

User Guides Configuration & Setup

The World Text Auto Responder is used to process inbound SMS and perform actions based on the rules you have specified. For dedicated inbound numbers in addition to the default of 'catch all', you may also use keywords with different actions performed for each.

The World Text Email to SMS Gateway is a powerful, but easy to use method for sending SMS via your existing email service. The following guide will help you to configure all settings and functions of the gateway for your account.