SMS Auto Responder

The original and best World Text Auto Responder is your little computer in the cloud, and what's even better is that all accounts can use it for FREE. Automatically processes the inbound (MO) SMS received over your SMS Virtual Numbers or Short Codes with no need for complicated logic or management, the Auto Responder does it all for you, no technical ability required!

Integrate inbound and two-way text messaging into your business.

Over 100+ countries now available.

Market leading coverage and specialist support, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP (Email) interfaces.

High Speed
50+ SMS per Second

Secure Delivery

High Availability
Redundancy Options

Auto Responder
Auto SMS Processing

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Free Inbound & Two Way SMS Processing
SMS Auto Responder Cloud Computer, Free With All Accounts

Catch All

Catch all your inbound SMS and apply your Auto Responder rules automatically and real time, with unlimited rules possible



Unlimited keywords to dynamically route your inbound SMS with unique Auto Responder combinations for each


Quick and simple to setup, inbound text messages received by your virtual number are automatically forwarded to single or multiple email addresses. Works with any type of email address such as Gmail or your own domains.


Subscribers which have replied with STOP or END keywords to your message optionally automatically added to your own blacklist to ensure no future messages are sent to the number, ensuring you remain compliant. Manual adding, editing, downloading and deleting coming soon.


Flexibility for developers with the HTTP REST API, inbound SMS automatically forwarded to a URL via GET or POST, auto retry, auto failover to alternate URL and keywords. SMPP for high volume, high throughput direct to your SMS software or SMSC with no pre-processing.

Automated inbound SMS handling


Want to ignore SMS that have been received from specific senders? No problem, simply specify the source address (aka Sender ID) of the number or name and the Auto Responder will ignore all these text messages.

Opt-in / Out

Stay compliant and keep your contact groups up to date automatically using keywords with Short Codes or SMS Virtual Numbers to opt-in and opt-out mobile subscribers, with automatic SMS reply to acknowledge.


Forward inbound SMS on to mobiles with dynamic source address of the original sender or static source address.

Reply automatically with a message based on keywords or a blanket reply for all messages.

Message fees apply.

All SMS Types Supported
Standard World Text feature

Binary SMS

Raw binary content SMS returned, used for SMS encoded such as Unicode/UTF-8, rich content and M2M content

Long SMS

SMS longer than 160 characters (or 70 if unicode) are supported and returned to you as a single message automatically

Unicode SMS

Also know as UCS-2 encoded SMS, which include languages such as Arabic, Chinese and some other special characters