Free SMS to Email Service
Need to send an email? No data signal? No Wi-Fi? No problem!

Without the need for a data/3G signal or Wi-Fi you can now send email for *free, using our dedicated SMS (text message) to email service.

*Text messages sent to our inbound number range will be charged at either your standard message rate or international message rate depending on your mobile network.

SMS Virtual Number

Using a dedicated inbound text message Virtual Number, Hosted SIM or Short Code, messages are automatically forwarded to your email address, URL or SMPP account.

Auto Responder

Create free Auto Responder rules to automatically return inbound SMS to you. This can include pre-processing of text messages, with or without keywords, all at no additional cost.

Integrate inbound and two-way text messaging into your business.

Over 100+ countries now available.

Market leading coverage and specialist support, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP (Email) interfaces.

High Speed
50+ SMS per Second

Secure Delivery

High Availability
Redundancy Options

Auto Responder
Auto SMS Processing