Virtual Number Revenue Share
Income from your existing inbound SMS

What is Virtual Number Revenue Share?

SMS Virtual Numbers

Receiving inbound SMS and having Two-way SMS conversations with customers, clients, staff all other applications has never been simpler and now, with the World-Text Revenue Sharing scheme you can receive a payment for every SMS you receive (terms apply). SMS Revenue Sharing, Revenue Sharing Long Numbers, Virtual Number Revenue Sharing - it has many names given to it, but key to this service is that it does not use premium rate numbers (PSMS) or Short Codes.

The service has gained many users that can now offset the cost of their outbound SMS by using this without the need for a premium rate service. Encouraging the recipients of your outbound text messages to reply, you can reduce the cost of your messages and improve the recipients experience with your organisation. Call centers, marketing, media, game and M2M services such as tracking, remote unit communications and smart meters are ideal for this service given the volume of inbound SMS received. This is not a 'premium short code', and has no setup costs with the mobile networks. Ideal for two-way SMS communication and marketing, using our UK, Austria, Finland, Spain and Sweden SMS Virtual Numbers.

We offer revenue sharing on monthly inbound SMS volumes over 50,000, if you have existing inbound traffic Contact Us now to discuss your needs.

Is my inbound SMS suitable for Revenue Share?

Client uses of our Revenue Share Virtual Numbers stretch across many industry sectors, below are just some of the examples of these:

  • GPS tracking
  • Parcel re-delivery arrangement
  • SMS surveys
  • Interactive games and polls
  • Property/Vehicle schedule requests
  • Ticket request line
  • Taxi booking and confirmation service
  • Data capture services
  • Remote system adminstration
  • General information request lines
  • SMS opt-in / opt-out
  • Interactive demonstrations
  • Smart meters

What can I not use this service for?

Any service where the sole purpose is to generate inbound SMS in order to gain revenue share, this is classified as AIT (Artificially Inflated Traffic) by us and the mobile networks, which is specifically banned and is monitored. If you are unsure if your service is suitable please Contact Us.

What Virtual Number options are there?

SMS Virtual Numbers

Also known as Virtual Mobile Numbers, Long Codes and Virtual Numbers, we can currently offer revenue share versions of these in UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain and Sweden. We are always looking to expand coverage, please Contact Us to discuss any countries not listed.

The how

Using our dedicated range of SMS Virtual Numbers (sometimes known as long numbers or virtual mobile numbers) and throughput speeds of up to 50 MO (inbound) SMS per second, this is suited to all applications, including high volume.

Important Information

World Text does not support or condone any attempt to AIT (artificially inflate traffic) for the purposes of revenue generation by exploiting any billing loopholes. Should the mobile networks decline payment or we become aware of this, your account may be closed without warning and no out-payment made for such traffic. Inbound messages are only allowed that are user initiated from mobile handsets - automated computer generated messages using GSM modems or similar are strictly forbidden. Terms and conditions apply.