SMTP Introduction

Minimal programming is necessary for use of our SMTP API Interface allowing the user to send messages programmatically.

Email to SMS Gateway

With our Email to SMS gateway, you can effortlessly send text messages from any email client; such as Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express , Lotus Notes, Eudora, Elm, Pine, Unix Mail.

Current Uses Include:
  1. Forwarding email
  2. Office voicemail notification
  3. System operation alerts/alarms
  4. Personal communications
  5. Product promotion
  6. Employee communications

No plugins or installation is required. Simply use the software you already have on your computer. You simply send an email to

If combined with our service the Email to SMS gateway becomes a bi-directionalservice allowing two-way communication between email and mobile phone.

Using From Windows to Mac

Once setup, using the service could not be easier. From your favourite email client simply select create a new message.

On Microsoft Outlook, this is achieved by:
  1. clicking the New button on the top left of the application.

  2. Address the message as per example here:, The mobile number should be specified in international format.

  3. Now enter the subject and message as you would normally, but remember 160 characters is one standard message length limit. However, you may configure your settings to allow for longer, multi-part messages online at:Your Account

  4. Now All that remains to be done is for you to click SEND

Using From Linux/Unix

UNIX offers very powerful scripting features making it very simple to send a message manually or more usefully, automatically to the SMS gateway.

SMTP Interface From Linux/Unix Command Line Example:

echo "My test message from UNIX" | mail -s "Test Subject"

If you require any further help then we have UNIX experts available who can provide consultancy to help develop your own scripts/programs in almost all well know languages including; bourne-shell, C, C++, Perl, PHP, and Python.

Using From a Web Page/PHP

If you want to send messages from your own web page, then this can be achieved simply in PHP by using the built in mail command.

SMTP Interface With PHP Example:

                        function sendSMS($mobile, $from, $message)
                        mail("$", "", "$message", "From:$from");
                        sendSMS("44777111222", "", "Hello this is a PHP SMS Test from World-Text using the SMTP Interface");

SMTP Bulk Interface Introduction

The SMTP Bulk API allows users to send SMS messages with dynamic message content to multiple recipients with a single email. It can also be used for static content.

Email can be sent from any email client that support plain text formatting, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express
  • Lotus Notes
  • Elm
  • Eudora
  • Evolution
  • Netscape Mail
  • Mozilla Mail
  • Unix Mail

There is no limit to the number of recipients that can be specified in the bulk email.

Multi-part (concatenated) messages are supported up to a maximum of 9 parts.

Known Restrictions

  1. Rich Text and HTML format emails are not supported
  2. No failure notices to end users are provided

Accessing the Interface

Access to the interface is provided through SMTP (Email), the user composes an email containing specific tags that identify instructions to the interface.



The format of a tag and it"s associated value is as follows:

tag: value

Each tag should be placed in the body text of the email on a new line, there should be no white space before or after the tag.


The following table lists all the valid tags, tags in italics are optional:

Tag Description
AccountIDAccount ID
SendIDUnique integer identifier for this send/transaction, this should only ever be used once, further emails with this ID are ignored until the service is restarted. This prevents external mail server errors from submitting the message mulitple times.
SourceAddressSource address (sender) of the message, this must be a source address that has been authorised on this account.
TextThe SMS message text, this is a special tag, please see Text Tag below for further details.
RecipientA recipient of the message, this is the only tag that can appear multiple times in the email, please see Recipient Tag for futher details.

Text Tag

The text tag specifies the content that is to be delivered to the mobile handset, the formatting of the value allows the user to specify multiple fields that should be populated using the values provided in the Recipient Tag (documented below).

The message text should be written as the user would expect to read it on the mobile handset, when a dynamic field is required the character pair " %s " should be inserted into the text, each occurence of " %s " is replaced by the relevant fields in the Recipient Tag.

It is the senders responsibility to ensure that the entire message text, including expanded fields, does not exceed 160 characters. If it does, the message(s) will be truncated before it/they are sent.

Text: Please call %s at %s for more details on this position

The above example shows a text message with two dynamic fields that will be replaced.

Recipient Tag

The recipient tag specifies the mobile number of the recipient as well as any dynamic fields that are required to fully populate the message text as specified in the Text Tag, it is the users responsibility to ensure that the correct number of fields are specified.

The only required field for the Recipient Tag is the mobile number, this should always be specified as the first field. If additional fields are required then they should be separated by a "|" (pipe) character.

Recipient: 447123456789|Janice|the job centre

The recipient tag can be specified as many times as is required for multiple recipients.

Formatting Tags

Currently supported format tags are:

Line break: %n

Using the line break format tag will in effect provide a carriage return in the message body.

Original SMS: This is a test of the World-Text format tag option.

Line break tags added: This is a%ntest of the%nWorld-Text format%ntag option.


    This is a
    test of the
    World-Text format
    tag option.

Email Format

Email To Field

The To field of the email should be, if you are a white label customer then please use with your domain.

Email Subject Field

The Subject field is ignored and can be left blank.

Email Body Text

The Body Text contains a list of tag/value pairs that contain the authentication, content and recipient information for the bulk send.

See the following section on Tags for a full description of the body content that is required.

Example Bulk Email

Complex Example

The following example sends to 3 recipients and the message text contianes 2 dynamic fields:



[Body Text Follows - Do not insert this line]




Text:Please call%sat%sfor more details on this position

Recipient: 447123456789|Janice|The Job Centre

Recipient: 447234567890|Charles|Lloyds Brooks

Recipient: 447345678901|Nas|The SMS Bureau

Simple Email



[Body Text Follows - Do not insert this line]

Account ID: 1234

APIKEY: 1234abcd6789efgh


Text: Our new album is out today, buy it now at your local store.

Recipient: 447345678902

Recipient: 447123456789

Recipient: 447234567890

This email should be sent in Plain Text format only.