Validate Numbers using HLR & MNP Lookup
Number validation, handset status and location reporting

World Text's easy to use HTTP REST API HLR (Home Location Register) & MNP (Mobile Number Portability) Lookup service enables mobile number lookup to determine validity, status, network it belongs to, roaming network and roaming country.

Types of users

  • Financial Organisations
  • Marketing Organisations
  • Contact Centres
  • Emergency Rescue Callout
  • ID Validation for Fraud Prevention
  • Mission Critical Responders
  • Any Contact Database
  • Call termination

Key benefits

  • Save Money - No more sending messages to invalid numbers
  • Cleans Database - Prompt for contacting client or colleague for updated details
  • Fraud Prevention - Knowing the location and the IMSI helps with authentication
  • Improve Customer Relations - Stop your customers from receiving unwanted calls while abroad

HLR Lookup

HLR Lookups is the best way to ensure your data is accurate and fully operational, while delivering mobile intelligence. HLR Lookups return the most accurate and up to date information. Information that can be returned from supported networks include:

  • Is the number format valid
  • What country the number is from
  • Network the number belongs to
  • If the number is inactive
  • If the number is roaming

MNP Lookup

Different to HLR Lookup is one key respect, the information returned in not 'live', but from databases which include information provided by operators and their partners, this can be ideal for routing and for purposes where knowing what network the number belongs to, and where live HLR Lookups are not possible or permitted. Information returned may include:

  • Is the number format valid
  • What country the number is from
  • Network the number belongs to
  • Where the number is located

Service notes

Please be aware that this service has a specific coverage list, please contact us to discuss your requirements. To have this service enabled on your account please contact us.

Find how to use the HLR lookup service via our HTTP REST API here.


Cost per lookup is 2 credits (From £0.004 - £0.0116)

Bulk discounts available. Please contact us for further information and to discuss your needs.

  • Prices quoted are subject to VAT.
  • Exact cost will be dependant on your account terms if post-pay or the amount of credits purchased if pre-pay.

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