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Send bulk text messages, and also have the ability to receive replies for two-way SMS conversations, engagement and opt-out's to keep you legal.

Extensive, market leading global SMS Virtual Number, Short Code and SIM Hosting.


HTTP REST - Easy to use and integrate, great for custom applications.

SMPP - High throughput, high capacity industry standard interface.

SMTP / Email - Easy to integrate with existing email services.

Communicator Pro

Free to use cloud application to manage your numbers, send and schedule bulk SMS or SMS to individuals from any computer, tablet or phone with internet access.

No special bulk SMS software needed, no programming knowledge and always free to use.

Secure and Reliable

The World Text SMSC is fully developed and maintained by our expert technicians and hosted in the UK, ensuring that your information is safe and that our infrastructure remains bulletproof to deliver your critical bulk SMS.

Global Coverage

Over 200 countries are supported for all accounts by default, please check for coverage of your country here.

Specialist routing solutions to ensure your message arrives in those tricky destinations.

Premium Support

Free premium unlimited support and advice from industry specialists.

Quick and easy access to the ever expanding Knowledge Base of specialist information and guidance, email and telephone support.

Staying in touch with your customers, staff, pupils or groups for alerts, special offers, appointment confirmations and notifications can be difficult. Bulk SMS is tried, tested and ecconomic, giving unparalleled open & response rates in seconds.

Add text messaging and two-way text messaging into your business.

Over 1100+ networks worldwide.

Market leading coverage and specialist support, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP (Email) interfaces.

Easy Use APIs

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20+ Years Experience

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Bulk SMS Facts and Figures

  • 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of being delivered (impigermobile)
  • 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7 (Morgan Stanley)
  • 93% of adults in the UK have / use a mobile phone (Ofcom)
  • 95% of SMS delivered within 5 seconds (World Text)
  • 98% SMS average open rate vs 22% for email (Frost & Sullivan, Epsilon)

Why Bulk SMS?

Over the years SMS Text Messaging has become a firm favourite of businesses, employers, education, government and many more due to the speed, reliability and low cost. Mobile ownership started increasing in the early 2000's as technology improved and came down in price, meaning World Text have seen the use of SMS for A2P (Application to Person) text message marketing and general bulk communication go from strength to strength.

Previously only the domain of large companies or those with very specialist programming knowledge, World Text have helps put easy to use affordable text messaging in the reach of SMEs, charities, social & sports groups and individuals. Free use of the Communicator Pro web application for managing your numbers, sending your bulk and individual text messages now makes it even easier.

Bulk SMS has far surpassed email and direct mail marketing as the medium of choice, with read times and rates far in excess of any other method. You could be alerting patients of their appointment with their doctor, saying thanks to the supporters of your charity, reminding staff of their regular monthly meeting, letting your customer know their parcel is on the way, keeping your group up to date with details of the next event, keeping customers up to date with the latest offers available... the uses are endless.

World Text will enable you to use bulk SMS easily, quickly and affordably using our free web app Communicator Pro, our easy to HTTP REST API, our quick setup Email to SMS gateway or SMPP, all of which support two-way SMS internationally.