Text Message Two Factor Authentication
Quick, effective and secure SMS verification

Two-factor Authentication

Increasingly it's important to be able to remotely verify user interaction with your systems, this is known as two-factor authentication (2FA). The World Text 2FA SMS service gives you easy access to worldwide coverage.

Join leading companies already using two factor SMS authentication.

How does SMS Two Factor Authentication work?

Traditionally a username and password combination was all that people used, but as online access to active systems has become more common over the years, so has hacking and phishing attempts.

Now the use of a one time PIN sent by text message to your users verified number or number to be verified, that also expires if not used is at the forefront of tackling this modern day problem. Using a 2FA system along with the World Text APIs to trigger sending of SMS authentication and token text messages, passwords are quickly and cheaply delivered right to your now authenticated users mobile device.

How do I get started?

Find and integrate a suitable two factor user authentication system, we are not experts on this side of 2FA so we'll leave you to make your own choice! If however, you need assistance using our APIs to trigger the SMS please get in contact.

Create a World Text account, then using the credentials provided you'll be able to connect the authentication system to ours and send SMS globally!

With extensive knowledge and a highly reliable SMSC, World Text are ideally suited to providing the high quality, high speed and international reach you need.

Why use text message user authentication?

  • Secure access to systems remotely

  • Ensuring only authorised and verified users can access your critical systems

  • Validation of account creation

  • Ensuring only authorised and verified users can access your critical systems

  • Quick, easy and cost effective

  • SMS has no reliance on additional equipment, making deployment very quick

Integrate Existing Two Factor Service

The World Text two factor SMS authentication service integrates with many leading 2FA services using our secure, reliable and easy to use text message HTTP REST API.

Custom integrations via our in-house development team, along with API mapping to make the switch from your existing SMS service as quick and easy as possible. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be more than happy to help!

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