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Invoiced Accounts
Custom accounts to meet your needs

Invoiced accounts offer the highest level of flexibility, don't worry about running out of credits ever again, and with sub-accounts manage budgets, clients or departments with individual billing for each.


Free unlimited use of sub-accounts, these can be used to bill your own clients, charge to specific projects or departments. Each individual sub-account is billed separately, so no need for your own billing or SMS auditing system.

Payment Methods

Direct Debit, SEPA, BACS and Bank Transfer, with options for Sterling (GBP), Euro and US Dollars (USD) currencies. Minimal paperwork and time to process with automated payments and PDF invoices.

Premium Delivery

We use Premium grade routing to deliver your SMS, giving you the reliability and confidence that your messages will be able to reach the recipient. Pitfalls of using suppliers not based in the UK can include message delays, non-delivery, no delivery receipts, spoofed delivery receipts, no sender ID and poor support to name but a few.


Is your SMS delivery important to you? World Text has it's own software infrastructure allowing for unique services, greater reliability, and no dependence on a third party to maintain our systems. Unlike others, we are NOT a white label reseller and have full control over our SMSC.

International Bulk SMS

Global SMS

We are not limited to only being able to send and receive SMS in one or a handful of countries, we offer global coverage for outbound SMS and unrivaled inbound coverage solutions for over 116 countries, with more added frequently.

Fully Featured

Custom source addresses allow you to brand SMS or set reply numbers, and delivery receipts confirm your messages have reached their intended destination successfully. (where available)

Unicode SMS

All the languages, anywhere. Don't be limited to sending and receiving SMS in standard GSM encoding (A-Z with only few exceptions), talk with your recipients in their native language, from Chinese to Hebrew to Yiddish and everything between!

Concatenated SMS

Send and receive super long (multi-part) SMS, don't feel the need to limit yourself to only 160 characters (70 in Unicode). Send up to 1,377 characters in GSM encoding or 603 in Unicode encoding.

Choosing a Bulk SMS, Two-way SMS or Inbound SMS supplier can be a tricky business, by trusting World Text's expert knowledge from having been in the industry since 1995, you'll be choosing your partner wisely. Liam, World Text