SIM card hosting

SIM Card Hosting

The World Text SIM Hosting service uses a customer supplied SIM card and is especially of use where Virtual Numbers are not available. Multi-redundant IP connectivity and power back-up, ensuring the World Text SIM Hosting service is market leading.

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What is SIM hosting?

Using a SIM card provided by you (we recommend a contract SIM), once received this is securely setup on our SIM hosting hardware, which has multi-redundancy built in. Text messages received are automatically and immediately returned to you.

We recommend SIM hosting only be used for low volume, non-critical or time sensitive services. See Virtual Numbers for high speed inbound.


Hardware based SIM hosting is reliant on three things; IP connectivity, power and local cell tower signal. While we can't influence the latter, we have both backup IP connectivity and power.

The World Text SIM Hosting service provides a level of service which is as reliable as possible using traditional means, where possible we recommend using Virtual Numbers.

Do I provide the SIM?

Yes, we recommend a contract SIM card. Pre-pay SIMs can be used, but full international roaming is required, and clients must ensure the SIM card remains 'in-credit' and any other operator terms are met to ensure the SIM remains active.

Can I Receive Calls?

Yes (sort of). Whilst you can't directly receive inbound calls over SIP, you can setup 'call forwarding' - this setup and any costs incurred would be between you and your network, and should be configured before sending your SIM card to us.

Can I send SMS?

You can send SMS to most countries using the SIM card number as your source address (sender ID); this is what is shown when the message arrives on a handset, which will enable replies.

The SIM itself is not used for sending SMS, so you would send using the World Text platform via any of our interfaces (which include HTTP REST, SMPP, Email to SMS or Communicator Pro web SMS software) just paying for the messages you send.

How do the Inbound SMS get to me?

When any inbound messages are received by your SIM, the World Text SIM hardware and SMSC will pass these to you without delay by your chosen method. Our unique Auto Responder will pass messages to you by email for low volume or HTTP for high volume.

SMPP is also available.


Setup cost Monthly rental Inbound Cost
£ 50.00 £ 50.00 Free

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