Case Study
Onsite Engineer, national property maintenance company, with a large number of engineers countrywide. On a daily basis they carry out hundreds of repairs, maintenance and service visits to clients properties.


Keeping the team of engineers productive and ensuring that the engineers on site have the most up to date information was proving difficult having tried a couple of methods.

Email - this proved to be inconsistent due to poor data coverage in some areas, delays in emails being read and hardware problems accessing them.

Telephone – the shear volume of staff and time required to do this lead to delays, non-productivity and miscommunication made this particularly costly to implement.


World Text worked with our client to identify the best solution to meet their needs. This resulted in direct integration with their job allocation and tracking software via the World Text HTTP REST API.

  • Jobs are dispatched to the engineers by text message each morning.
  • Any updates / cancellations are sent via SMS to the engineer immediately.
  • When the engineer arrives on location, they text the job number and keyword to the clients dedicated SMS virtual number, which in turn World Text pass directly to the job allocation and tracking software.
  • When the engineer completes the job, the text the job number and any notes to the dedicated SMS virtual number, which again World Text pass directly to the job allocation and tracking software.


Productivity and on-time rates increased across the country, thanks to both the engineers and those at head office having timely and up to date information throughout the day.

The time and cost of contacting engineers with the job details and receiving responses was dramatically reduced.

Overall this proved to have a positive effect on customer perception, helping to retain clients and increase profitability.

These efficiencies will also help towards the company’s ISO 14001 environmental standard certification.

Services Used

HTTP REST API – Used to send and receive SMS, with direct integration to client software.

SMS Virtual number – Used to receive SMS from engineers (aka. Virtual SMS Number, Virtual Mobile Number, long number and long code).